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ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure the continuity of delivery of quality educational services to students in rural and remote schools and access to a broad range of subjects and school experiences to cater for the varying needs of isolated students. 

The Schools portfolio includes issues surrounding access to, and the delivery of, quality educational services to students in rural and remote schools. Schools are the hub of a rural community and many struggle to access quality opportunities in the education of their students.

In 2021 the Schools Portfolio will focus on issues including: 

  • the reinstatement of the Schools Touring Program (Arts) to ensure rural and remote students are not disadvantaged in their access to The Arts; 
  • the provision of direct access to an Information Technology specialist for small schools;
  • ensuring that all rural and remote schools are fitted with defibrillators; and 
  • establishing a working relationship between small schools and their local police to ensure that 'safe schooling' is a priority in rural areas.

What ICPA does for your School?

• Lobbies DET to decrease the student: teacher ratio in small schools—the most recent decrease in 2013 was entirely due to the lobby of ICPA Qld—an extra .5 teacher allocation to all schools with more than 21 students is a proud achievement.
• Works with DET and universities to improve the attraction and retention of quality teachers to small schools - we offer reward packages to preservice teachers who have undertaken a rural practicum and currently we are lobbying to make rural education a key focus in education courses.
• Advises DET, Telstra and nbn on issues which impact on the delivery of quality internet service to our small schools, and as a direct result trials have been conducted with many schools which have resulted in a focus on connectivity across rural and remote Queensland schools.
• Makes submissions to relevant groups to ensure rural and remote education remains a key consideration in legislative or program change
• Ensures Principals are aware of their responsibility to their school community, particularly in terms of RREAP and their accountability to their P&C.
• Remains a key stakeholder in various departmental groups—these include the Teacher Mobility Project Stakeholder Reference Group; Remote Kindergarten Pilot Working Group; Rural and Remote Education Reference Group; Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance (SATE) Implementation Taskforce and the Six Full Cohort Stakeholder Reference Group.
• Continues to lobby the Dept of Transport and Translink in regards to maintaining rural bus routes, reviewing conveyance allowances and student fares
• Has worked closely with TAFE Qld and DET to ensure flexibility for students who are accessing VET in our small secondary schools.
• Liaises with DET in regards to the Australian Curriculum within our classrooms and the access to extracurricular activities within our regions.
• Meets regularly with key DET branches in regards to Infrastructure, Information Technology, Curriculum, Human Resources and Operations


As part of the Joint Parent Council, ICPA Qld works closely with P&C's Qld, Catholic School Parents Queensland and the Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network. We work together to provide the power of a united voice behind important issues which affect the education of all children across Queensland. ICPA Qld appreciates the consistent support and guidance which is always shown from our colleagues within these organisations.  


ICPA Qld Schools Portfolio Report 2021 is available for your perusal.

Information for the Schools portfolio

Schools Motions presented to State Conference

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Schools motions from the past three State Conferences are available on this page.


Schools Information Flyer

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This flyer provides you with information regarding what this portfolio does for members - please feel free to download and share with your branch or community.