ICPA Qld is a voluntary and apolitical not-for-profit organisation with 45 branches across the state and over 1200 member families.  Our members encompass a broad range - those who are regional, rural and remote, those with children pre-schooling, attending state schools, boarding schools or Schools of Distance Education, as well as those in the tertiary phase of their education.  More recently our membership also includes a variety of individuals and businesses who continue to offer their support to our organisation from the South-East corner and beyond!

State Council is formed each year through an election at the AGM held at our annual State Conference.  Councillors represent many branches and phases of education across the state and work voluntarily to actively lobby the issues brought to light by motions presented at conference and raised at branch level throughout the year.  State Conference provides an opportunity for many Departmental representatives, Members of Parliament, Senators,  Boarding School staff and other key organisations to hear issues from those experiencing them on the ground.  Council's delegations to Brisbane through the year are met through generous sponsorship, fundraising, donations and a small proportion of membership fees. 

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