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Queensland State School students in rural and remote areas, including seven Schools of Distance Education, are eligible for some State and Federal financial assistance which is listed below.  Students who have to leave home to attend boarding school, university or to complete apprenticeships may also be eligible for financial assistance.  ICPA Qld lobbies to ensure that these allowances are adequate and provide maximum support to our young people.  

In 2024 the Financial Assistance Portfolio will focus on issues including: 

  • the lobby for a DETA (Distance Education Tutor Allowance) for geographically isolated families educating their children through Distance Education
  • advocating for Queensland students who board interstate to be eligible for the LAFHAS
  • increased monetary support for students to attend representative sport

The 2023 Financial Assistance Portfolio report is available for your reading pleasure. 

Available Allowances

These State and Federal Allowance sheets outline the opportunities that are available to families in rural and remote areas of Queensland, as well as how to apply.



A. Living Away from Home Allowance Scheme (LAFHAS)

This form must be submitted by the 31st December within the year of application. 

  1. Remote Area Tuition Allowance (RTuA) - to help with payment of tuition fees (paid direct to approved, non-state, primary or secondary school at which the students boards).
  2. Remote Area Travel Allowance (RTrA)- to help with travel expenses for distances more than 50km. (Paid direct to parents.)
  3. Remote Area Allowance (RAA) - for students attending one of the campuses of the Australian Agricultural College equivalent to and in lieu of Years 11 and 12. (Paid direct to parents.)
  4. Australian Remote Area Disability Supplement (RADS) – (Paid direct to parents.)

More information please contact School Financial Services, Department of Education and Training, PO Box 15033, City East, Qld, 4002 or phone 1800 248 997        

 LAFHAS Applicant Guidelines 2024 - Read more

LAFHAS Application Form 2024 - Read more Please use this form only if the online form is not accessible and email to:


B. Textbook and Resource Allowance - Available for all secondary students. Parents do not apply - the allowance is claimed by the school on behalf of parents.

C. Conveyance Allowance - Queensland Transport – must be claimed by the 31st December of the current year. For students who reside more than 4.8km (Secondary) or 3.2km (Primary) from the nearest State school with the required year level.
Contact Queensland Transport 132380 and ask for the School Transport number for your area. This link will take you to the Department of Education's Transport Assistance page. 

 Further information regarding travel assistance can be found here- School Transport Assistance Scheme Isolation Package 

D. Bypass Schools – If you live near certain secondary schools, you may still be eligible for allowances to send your child away to boarding school, year levels vary for eligibility. 

E. Schools of Distance Education ICT Subsidy Scheme - Internet subsidies are available to support families with students identified as belonging to the geographically isolated category. More information is available here.  

Queensland Academies Isolated Student Bursary  

Queensland Academies Isolated Student Bursary - students attending a Queensland Academy, who are ineligible for LAFHAS, may be able to apply for financial support through the Qld Academies Isolated Student Bursary .


A.  Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) – must be claimed by the 1st March in the year following study. 

If your student attends a primary or secondary school, School of Distance Education, boarding school, special education facility or rural training college, and

  1. You live at least 16km (by shortest practicable route) from the nearest state school with the required year level and at least 4.5 km from the nearest transport.
  2. If you live less than 4.5km from transport, a student may still qualify if the family home is: -
             a) At least 56km from the school via the transport service; or
             b) At least 3 hours traveling time per day to and from the school via the transport service.

You can claim for the following allowances:

  • Boarding Allowance - income test free. [For families with low income, a means-tested Additional Allowance is available] Students aged 17, participating in an approved tertiary course at an Agricultural, TAFE or similar College are also eligible.
  • Second Home Allowance - for a second home maintained by the family for education purposes only
  • Distance Education Allowance - for prep, primary and secondary level.                                  


 Contact Centrelink on 132318 or Visit website.
           All applications to PO Box 1122 Lismore NSW 2480

B. Youth Allowance -- Includes Rent Assistance and Remote Area Allowance for those eligible.
                                                                   Contact Centrelink on 132490 or visit website.

C.  Austudy is still available for students over 25.  Visit website.

D.  Abstudy - Educational assistance for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Students.
                                                   Contact Centrelink on 132317 or visit website.
                                                   Contact the Indigenous Call Centre on 136380 or visit website.


More information on Financial Assistance can also be found on the Federal ICPA website here.

Information for the Financial Assistance portfolio

Financial Assistance Motions presented to State Conference

Updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2023

Financial Assistance motions from the past three State Conferences are available on this page.


Financial Assistance Information Flyer

Updated: Saturday, 4 February 2023

This flyer provides you with information regarding what this portfolio does for members - please feel free to download and share with your branch or community.


Submission to Treasury 2023

Updated: Thursday, 4 January 2024

ICPA Qld has presented a Submission to Treasury outlining the urgent need for an immediate increase in the LAFHA.