ICPA NT Remote Concrete Access Grant Winner- Hayes Cook

Published: Wednesday, 29 December 2021
Hayes Cook

My name is Hayes Cook. I am 17 years old and live on a remote cattle station located 130km north of Alice Springs in the central desert region of the Northern Territory. I attend boarding school at Scots PGC College in Warwick QLD. 

I am applying for this Remote Concrete Access Grant so I can attend a three-day Nutrition edge workshop course in Katherine, NT in 2021.  

I have lived on outback cattle stations nearly all my life and plan to make a career out of it after I finish school. I am currently completing grade 11 at school four days a week, as well as one day a week of my boiler making apprenticeship. This apprenticeship will give me extra skills to live and work out bush when I am older.

I love every part of the cattle station life and have spent a lot of my school holidays working in the stock camp as a station hand. This grant will help me to extend my knowledge of the things you cannot learn by just working in the stock camp. Land management is not a simple topic to learn without the guidance of 
workshops like this. 

This three-day course will cost $1750 which is way out of my budget. But with the help of this grant I will be able to attend. Some things included in this three-day course are, the importance of nutrition in livestock, learning how to benefit your bottom line, pasture intake quality and diet quality, mineral nutrition and
defining production targets as well as many other things based on livestock quality of life and land management practices.

Land management and livestock health is a big topic around any bush BBQ or pub as it is the two most important things in being able to run a cattle station successfully.

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