NT ICPA advocates for equity in education for rural and remote children from early childhood to tertiary with a team of State Councilors working on the various issues under specialist portfolios. Learn more about the issues facing rural and remote students and what NT ICPA is doing to overcome the issues by choosing any of the portfolios below.

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Across the Border

Advocating for students living in the NT and traveling interstate, to ensure they have the same educational opportunities as those enrolled within the NT.

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ICPA NT lobby to the NT and Federal Governments for subsidies to assist with the additional educational costs incurred due to geographic isolation.

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For many families throughout rural and remote Northern Territory, the education of their children at a local state school is not an option.

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Communications and Technology

ICPA NT works closely with NT Government, telecommunications companies and other stakeholders to seek affordable and reliable communications for all.

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An important component of any child's education is curriculum. ICPA NT works to ensure that a regional and remote voice is heard during the policy process.

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Distance Education

For many rural and remote children the only form of education available due to geographical location is via distance education.

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Early Childhood

ICPA NT advocates equity of access to educational opportunities for early childhood programs and affordable, relevant childcare services.

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Rural / Remote Schools

Air and road travel are essential modes of travel for rural and remote living and education for long distances are not avoidable and most times difficult.

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Special Needs

ICPA NT endeavors to ensure that children with specific education needs are not disadvantaged whilst living in a rural or remote area.

Home Tutor Training

Tertiary and Training

Gaining a tertiary education, including apprenticeships and VET, at an institution of choice should be an option for all rural and remote students.