2024 ICPA NT State Council

Published: Monday, 8 April 2024
2024 ICPA NT State Council

Thank you to these wonderful ladies who are volunteering their time and passion to bring about the change our members need to educate their children in the NT.  

  • President - Moira Lanzarin (returned)
  • Vice President - Kiya Gill (returned)
  • Secretary - Catherine Atkins (returned)
  • Treasurer - Rebecca (Bec) Osmotherly (returned)
  • Assistant Secretary - Julianne (Jule) Vlach
  • Publicity Officer - Melissa (Mel) Kerr (returned)
  • Committee/Councillors:
  • Kerrie Scott (returned - Katherine Branch)
  • Jacinta McInnerney (returned - Territory Wide Branch)
  • Connie Wood (returned - Katherine Branch President)
  • Danyelle Haigh (returned - Alice Springs Branch President)
  • Amanda Murphy (Katherine Branch) 


  • Annika Bell stepped down from the position of NT Webmaster, DTT Editor, and Publisher, thank you Annika for all your past modernistic work in these areas.
  • Suzanne (Sue) Wilson stepped off State Council and takes up the off-council position of NT Webmaster
  • Annie Hesse takes up the off-council position of DTT Editor and Publisher - more information about Annie to come.


Back Row L-R: Bec Osmotherly, Amanda Murphy, Connie Wood, Kerrie Scott, Kiya Gill, Mel Kerr

Front Row L-R: Danyelle Haigh, Moira Lanzarin, Jacinta McInnerney, Jule Vlach