Kelly Ostwald

photo of Kelly with sunglasses on her head
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Kelly lives on a property west of Texas Qld, where she and her husband Dan run the Family Rural Operations consisting of cropping and Cattle. Kelly has educated her children through Distance Education in Dubbo before moving to Texas. The youngest child is in Boarding school in Toowoomba in year 8. The second youngest is in her first year of University in Brisbane the third child is in her last year of University and the older two children are working in Education and Finance, one in Roma the other in Sydney.

Kelly is an active member of her local community and has held many roles on community organizations over the years. She has been involved in the Texas Little Athletics, Texas Swimming club, and race director of the local Triathlon.

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Nursing. Her interests include Running, Triathlons, reading and travel, and relaxing with friends.

Kelly is very passionate about education and the need for all children to have access to the same opportunities.