Welcome to the Bollon Branch!

Bollon is a small town situated on the Balonne Highway, between St George and Cunnamulla. Bollon has a rich history of commitment to ICPA. On the 6th April, 1971, Mr Bunny Powne attended the first meeting which was held in Bourke. In September 1971 Bunny convened a public meeting in Bollon, and the Bollon Branch was formed. He was the first Bollon Branch President, and in 1972 he stepped down from this position to concentrate on ICPA State and Federal Councils.

The achievements of ICPA are well known, however the ongoing issues of Access to Education for Rural and Remote families are still issues for the second generation branch members.

Mr EC (Bunny) Powne MBE
1971 - 1974 Federal Vice President
1974 - 1977 Federal ICPA President
1978 - 1982 Federal ICPA Councillor
1971 - 1989 Queensland ICPA Councillor

Branch Members who have served on the QLD ICPA Council include:
Mr Bunny Powne (1971 - 1989)
Mr Lynden Goddard (1978 - 1980)
Mr Richard Knights (1988 - 1996)
Mr Phillip Brownhalls (1989 - 1990)
Mr Peter Powne (2002 - 2010)
Mrs Kate Webster (2004 - 2009)
Mrs Therese Sevil (2008 - 2013)

Branch Members who have held positions on Federal ICPA:
Mr Bunny Powne (1971 - 1982)
Mrs Jane Goddard (2007 - 2009)

Life Members of the Bollon Branch:
Mr Bunny Powne (1987)
Mr Lynden Goddard (1986)
Mr Richard Knights (1994)

Life Members of Queensland ICPA:
Mr Bunny Powne (1978)
Mrs Eileen Powne (1978)

Queensland Certificate of Appreciation:
Mr Richard Knights (2005)

Life Member Federal ICPA:
Mr Bunny Powne (1984)

Branch Executive
A member of our team

Steve Tinkler

A member of our team

Alison Todd

A member of our team

Karen Gray

A member of our team

Emily Powell

Publicity Officer
Branch Mentor
tammy wearing red jacket

Tammy Bailey

Branch Mentor
Branch Life Members
black and white picture of Bunny

Mr Eric Charles Bunny Powne MBE

Life Member
picture of Richard wearing striped shirt and glasses

Mr Richard Knights

Life Member