SA ICPA advocates for equity in education for rural and remote children from early childhood to tertiary with a team of State Councilors working on the various issues under specialist portfolios. Learn more about the issues facing rural and remote students and what SA ICPA is doing to overcome the issues by choosing any of the portfolios below.

Boarders 2023

Boarding / Hostels / Second Home Portfolio

Boarding / Hostels / Second Home Portfolio is a wide ranging portfolio that covers different types of secondary schooling

SOTA Lesson

Communications Portfolio

ICPA SA lobbies to ensure that information and communications technology is utilised to be best advantage for geographically isolated students.

Elke & Rankin kids

Distance Education Portfolio

SA ICPA advocates for quality distance education for geographically isolated students.

ECEC 2023

Early Childhood Education

SA ICPA fully support children to ensure that an appropriate and affordable range of early childhood services are available for rural and remote children.

Reynold's kids at gate 2023

Rural Schools & School Travel

The Rural Schools & School Travel portfolio relates to children attending small schools and the challenges this presents

Specific Needs - Magenta

Specific Education Needs Portfolio

The aim of the Specific Education Needs portfolio is to advocate for geographically isolated families that are supporting children with additional needs

Tertiary - Anna

Tertiary Education & Career Pathways

SA ICPA support all rural and remote students who have the ability, ambition and aspiration to pursue their goals through further study.