Melissa Iland

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Publicity Officer
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Melissa joined State Council in 2018 at the Winton conference coming into the role of Publicity Officer (PO). Mother of 3, wife to 1 and remains a Tambo branch member. 

Melissa spends lots of time in the PO role promoting ICPA’s branded hashtag #iamICPA and encourages all friends and members to use this on your education social media posts too, especially on branch social pages.  Melissa really enjoys running the organisations social spaces, media and promotion/awareness.  This role presents many challenges and has been an awesome opportunity for skill development.  

Melissa is on the home stretch of high school education with her children with just 1 left attending boarding school and two out in the work force.  Melissa is also a part time university student herself, studying online and has learnt a lot during this process and loves applying knowledge gained through this experience to ICPA Qld advocacy as well.  Melissa came from a small school background herself and educated her children through DE, small schools and then boarding - most of which really were new experiences every time.  

Melissa looks forward to continuing to get the ICPA messages to members through our social media platforms and hope to continue to raise our profile.  Melissa encourages members to comment, share, like, and tag ICPA on all things social or send her an email to help promote your local branches.  You can send photos of your branch for a branch brag on the ICPA Qld FB page too. During her time on ICPA Qld State Council Melissa has enjoyed being part of the different portfolios and contributing to the advocacy in this space.  Some particular areas of interest include Teacher Education, Schools and TTT.  She also enjoys working with our News and Views editor, Lisa, and bringing lots of great information forward for the magazine.  Another rewarding part of Melissa's State Council journey has been branch mentor.  Building relationships with people across the state is very rewarding and she looks forward to continuing with that again this year.  

Melissa joined ICPA Qld to help ensure that remoteness isn’t a limiting factor for educational opportunities. Education can be enjoyed equally by all students no matter the location, method of education or age but she also joined to meet new people, with similar interests, and have fun along the way. The relationships have been some of the most rewarding parts of being on State Council.