Relevant Conference Information

All relevant conference documents will be found here on this page in the lead up, and during, State Conference.  ICPA Qld members will be provided with a printed motions booklet at Conference, however all other materials will need to be printed prior to attending if you would like a physical copy.

Documents on this page will be updated and more uploaded as required. 

If you need to access any documents to complete please save them to your device to type directly onto the form.  These forms can be completed on phones or laptops.  

If you are in attendance at conference and need assistance with any of the below forms please find any State Council member and they will assist you.

ICPA Qld State Conference 2024 Program  

Motions on the Agenda

If your branch has motions on the agenda, but are not attending conference, please ensure you have organised another branch to present these for you.  It is also a good idea to ensure that this branch's delegates are thoroughly briefed on your motion, explanation and any other supporting information in the case of ensuring a right of reply to opposition. 

Motions can also be accessed via the yellow tab labeled Motions closer to conference.

ICPA Qld State Conference 2024 Agenda Motions 

ICPA Qld State Conference 2024 Supplementary Motions

ICPA Qld State Conference 2024 AGM Booklet

 State Conference Nomination 

Nominations for Qld State Council are open. Use the Nomination Form to put your name forward! 

 Miscellaneous Conference Documents

The below documents will assist your branch delegates/observers in understanding how State Conference is conducted. 

Qld Conference Procedure Guide - Additional PowerPoint 

Qld Rules of Debate

ICPA Qld Map of Branches

ICPA Qld State Life Members, Executive & State Conferences

Quick Reference Guide - Acronyms & Abbreviations

Assistance with Motions 

Assistance with Motion Writing for Conference 

How to Write Motions for State Conference PowerPoint

Handy Hints for Branches and Delegates - State Conference Motions

Branch Motion Flow Chart

Motions Procedural

Standard Motion Procedure

Word Change Procedure

Amendments Procedure

Floor Motion Procedure



Forms are available via the below links should they be needed during conference.  Hard copies of these will also be available at State Conference. 

The completed forms below (if needed) must be emailed to 

Motion Word Change (fillable)

Motion Amendment (fillable)

Foreshadowed Amendment (fillable)

Floor Motion (fillable)

Conference Feedback Form



Portfolio Conference Reports

Conference Reports will be uploaded here as they become available leading up to conference. 

Other Conference Reports

These reports will also be uploaded as they become available closer to conference. 

Official Attendee Lists

Lists will be available closer to conference. 


Official Apologies

These will be available closer to conference.