Westmar - Inglestone

Welcome to the Westmar - Inglestone Branch!

The Westmar/Inglestone Branch of ICPA was established on the 20th of July, 1972. During its foundation year it had a membership of 19. In the late 80’s it had the highest Queensland Branch membership of 88. This branch has been fortunate enough to have had representation at nearly all State and Federal Conferences. Westmar/Inglestone plans to continue this trend in the future.

Westmar/Inglestone is an active and forward moving branch. It actively encourages membership from new families with Early childhood issues right through to those with Tertiary issues. It has a catchment area in the Tara and Waroo Shire which includes the towns of Glenmorgan, Teelba, Westmar, Hannaford and Meandarra.

The branch encourages trainee teachers to visit schools in its catchment. The surrounding schools have been fortunate to host a number of trainee teachers from various Universities, thus providing for the students, an opportunity to experience rural living and teaching.

Westmar/Inglestone branch of ICPA has been involved in catering for events and organising luncheons in the surrounding districts. These activities help with fundraising as well as promoting ICPA in the wider community.

Westmar/Inglestone branch warmly welcomes new members and continues to be an active branch of the ICPA. The branch works towards one common goal and that is the best possible education for our children.

Branch Executive
WI Fiona Hill President

Fiona Hill

Marg wearing striped shirt with pink collar

Marg Hurst

Vice President
A member of our team

Tarnya Groat

picture of Jen McCormack wearing olive green shirt and glasses on top of head

Jen McCormack

a head and shoulder shot of Nat Slack wearing a navy and white stripe jumper

Natalie Slack

Publicity Officer
Branch Mentor
A picture of Wendy Henning she has black hair

Wendy Henning

Branch Mentor
Branch Life Member
picture of Elaine carrying flowers wearing a white polo

Mrs Elaine Lyons

Life Member