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Welcome to the Mitchell - Tomoo / Dunkeld Branch!

Welcome to the Mitchell – Tomoo/Dunkeld page.
The first Tomoo branch meeting was held on 21 November 1971, at the Abbieglassie Waterhole with 17 members in attendance. The branch was named after the Tomoo Road which was close to most members’ properties. The members were a strong group and they often met at the “S” bend of Spring Creek. This Branch was the 11th branch established. Mr Don McLean was elected as the inaugural President of the Tomoo Branch.
In 1972, Peter and Wendy Doveton attempted to start a Mitchell branch, but it was soon dissolved. On the 12 March 1989, at “Mitchell Downs”, the Tomoo Branch was renamed Mitchell-Tomoo to include all the Mitchell district with 15 Members in attendance. The inaugural executive included:
• Mr Walter McLean – President
• Mrs M. Thomas - Secretary
• Mrs C McFadzen - Treasurer.

In March of 2015, the Dunkeld branch south of Mitchell amalgamated with the Mitchell-Tomoo branch to form the Mitchell-Tomoo/Dunkeld Branch.

Our Branch is blessed to have many active members some who despite no longer having children involved in education, continue to assist the branch by fundraising, supporting branch programs and attending conference as branch delegates. We have many members who have been members of the Branch for over 20 years and their contribution has been recognised and celebrated by the Branch members.

The annual membership for this branch is $60/family. 

Branch Activities:
The Mitchell-Tomoo Branch hosted the 2008 ICPA State Conference, and our first branch Life Membership was awarded to Mrs Christine McLean at this conference. Christine deserved this award for her long term commitment and outstanding dedication to the branch, as well as for her services to State Council.
Mitchell Tomoo also hosted a State Council Mid-year Meeting in May 2000.

Pre-Service Teachers:
The Branch provides a living allowance, organises accommodation and offers social opportunities for pre-service teachers who complete their teaching practicum at the Mitchell, Mungallala or Dunkeld schools. The branch aim is to show these students, who are usually from the city, how good life can be in the bush so that they might consider applying for teaching jobs in rural and remote locations.

Guy Bryant Memorial Incentive Gift:
All branch members’ year 6 children have the opportunity to be part of the Guy Bryant Memorial Incentive Gift which aims to encourage children to persist with, and value their education. The children are awarded $100 after participating in a simple interview, and this money may then be used to purchase requirements for high school or boarding school.

Pam Weaver Bursary:
The Pam Weaver Bursary was initiated by the Dunkeld Branch in honour of Pam and commenced in 2008. Pam was a long term, active member of the Branch and a much loved and respected individual in the community. The bursary is open to any year 5 or 6 child attending the Dunkeld or Begonia State Schools. The children applying for the bursary, participate in an interview and the bursary is awarded to the student who demonstrates a good sense of community and general knowledge as well as understanding who and what ICPA represents.

SWAG Camp:
This camp is open to all branch members’ primary school age children, regardless of which school they attend. The children receive four days of intensive coaching as well as some cultural opportunities. The first camp took place in July 1996 and only offered coaching for gymnastics and athletics. This very successful initiative continues to be an annual event and is funded by branch fundraising activities and external grants. Branch members also volunteer to assist with the camp’s activities.

Members who have served on State Council:

Christine McLean (1996 - 2005)
Kate Twist (2010 – 2018 including Qld State Secretary 2011 - 2016)
Jacqui Beale (2013 - 2018)

Branch Life Members:

Christine McLean 2008

Kate Twist 2018

Branch Executive
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Sally Campbell

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Kate Twist

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Wallina Todd

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