Welcome to the Cunnamulla Branch! 

The inaugural meeting was held on 28 August 1971, thus making Cunnamulla the first ICPA Branch to be formed in Queensland. The Branch covers the Paroo Shire which has a population of 1500 and is centred around the townships of Cunnamulla, Eulo, Wyandra and Yowah. The first meeting was organised by Cunnamulla identities, Lex Stephenson and Geoff Arthur. Geoff was a member of the foundation Federal Executive from 2-10-71 until 19-4-75. He was also on Qld State Council from 1972 to 1974.

Lex Stephenson was elected as Branch President. The secretarial duties were carried out by the Paroo Shire Council until October 1971 when Mrs L Polities was elected as Secretary/Treasurer. In September 1972 Lex’s wife Beulah was elected as Sectary/Treasurer. She remained as her husband’s Secretary until retiring with him in October 1974. They were both awarded Life Membership in 1981 for their outstanding commitment to ICPA.

In 1975, with 80 member families, it was the largest branch in Australia. Currently there are 17 member families and three Life Members.  Areas of interest for our branch members include small rural Schools, Boarding Schools and Hostels, Distance Education and Specific Needs.

Several Cunnamulla members have served on Federal and/or State Council:

Geoff Arthur:     Federal Council Committee1971 to 1975

                           State Council Committee:  1972 to 1974

Diana Palmer:   State Council Committee: 1977 to 1981

                           Lone Members Officer: 1978 to 1981

                           State Treasurer: 1981 to 1984

                          State Council committee: 1984 to 1985

                          Executive Officer: 1985 to1988.

                          Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by State Council in 1990.

Helen Miller:    State Council committee 1986 to 1988

                          Assistant State Secretary: 1988 to 1991

                         State Vice President: 1991to 1996

                         Federal Council committee 1992 to 1995

                         Pedals Editor: 1995 to 2001

                         Awarded Branch Life Membership in September 1996

                         Awarded Certificate of Appreciation by State Council in October 1998.

Wendy Allen:  State Council committee 1992 to 1994

                        State Publicity Officer 1994 to 1999

                        State Vice President 1999 to 2000

                        Editor of Qld “News and Views”

                        Co-authored the booklet “ICPA Silver Jubilee” in 1996

                        Received Qld Wall Plaque Award

Colleen McIntosh: Federal Council committee 1995 to 1998

                                Assistant Federal Secretary 1998 to 2000

                                Federal Vice President 2000 to 2002.

                                Awarded Branch Life Membership in 2003.

Jo Clark:         State Council Committee 2005-2008 (has relocated to Southern Downs ICPA)

Trish McKenzie: Federal Council committee 2010 to 2013

                            Awarded Branch Life Membership in 2021.

Qld State Conferences held in Cunnamulla:

13/14 October 1983:            Bev Blanch Convenor 12th Qld State Conference.

11/12 September 2003:       Colleen McIntosh Convenor 32rd Qld State Conference.

1/2 June 2021:                     Rhi Newsham Convenor 50th Qld State Conference.


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Kasie Scott

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Mrs Helen Miller

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