Welcome to the Aramac-Muttaburra Branch!

The inaugural meeting of the ARAMAC SHIRE branch of ICPA was held in Aramac Park on 24th November 1971. This meeting was chaired by Angus Cameron and Richard Harrison was nominated as our first Branch President. The beginnings of our branch saw a huge membership of 35 and these members were very active lobbying to get allowances for our children from 1971 to 1975.

1976 was a quiet year for our branch. In 1977 there was a name change for the branch which then became known as the Aramac/Muttaburra Branch of ICPA . As we had a lot of members travelling distances to get to meetings it was decided to hold meetings at Bowen Downs to minimise the travel. A motion from our Branch at Emerald State Conference resulted in a Speech Therapist being appointed for isolated children.

From 1979 to 1982 meetings were held at Aviemore, Bowen Downs, Leebrook & Woolthorpe. Unfortunately during 1983 the branch went into total recess, but in 1984 with Charleville BOTA Branch requesting that you belonged to a Branch as well as to them helped revive interest. Membership for the branch rose from 27 to 44 and we had delegates attend Federal Conference in Townsville & State Conference in Longreach.

The Community Directory was commenced by Cheryl Neill & Zilla McAuliffe. At present our 7th Edition of the Community Directory is being upgraded for 2004 by Zilla & members. It is our main fund raiser and brings in about $3,500 for each edition.

From 1986 to 1991 we were able to send delegates to State Conferences. Motions at these conferences were nearly always asking for a quality service, as well as equal access to education.

In 1991 the branch applied to become incorporated as a trial for other branches and incorporation was granted in 1993. Queensland ICPA became incorporated on 8th June 1995 and Branches then came in under State's umbrella so our Branch became unincorporated.

During 1991 our Branch established the “Anthony Neill Bursary”. This bursary was put in place in the memory of Anthony Neill who lost his life at a young age. The bursary is awarded to a family, which will assist with travel costs incurred taking children to extra curricular activities and is offered each year to our branch members.

Members elected to State Council and positions held:

Zilla McAuliffe

  • Qld State Council 1984 - 1985
  • Qld Secretary 1986 - 1989
  • Assisted with the launch of "I Can Provide Answers", Mackay State Conference 1986

Lee-Ann Boyd

  • Qld State Council 2001 - 2003

Carmel Elliott

  • Qld Assistant Secretary 2002 - 2005
  • Qld Webmaster 2002 - 2007
  • Federal Webmaster 2002 - 2007
  • Federal Web Manager 2002 - 2009

Sharon Tindall

  •  Qld State Council 2002
  •  Qld Treasurer 2003 - 2005 

Awards to Branch Members have been:-

  • Branch Life Membership
    Angus & Denise Cameron 1986
    Paul & Zilla McAuliffe 1997
  • Branch Certificate of Appreciation
    Sharon Tindall 2000
    Don & Cheryl Neill 2001
  • Qld Certificate of Appreciation
    Zilla McAuliffe 1998


Branch Executive
picture of Jill wearing a grey high neck top

Jill Dyer

President, Secretary
pic of Emma in black shirt

Emma Hay

A member of our team

Genevieve Hawkins

Publicity Officer
Branch Mentor
A picture of Kate Bradshaw close up with a pink flower shirt on

Kate Bradshaw

Branch Mentor
Branch Life Member
picture of Zilla carrying flowers and certificate

Mrs Zilla McAuliffe

Life Member