ICPA Qld is a voluntary and apolitical not-for-profit organisation with 45 branches in Queensland and over 1200 member families. Our members encompass a broad range of families - those who are regional, rural and remote, those with children pre-schooling, attending state schools, boarding schools or Schools of Distance Education, as well as those with students in the tertiary phase of their education.  Our members are families who are passionate about ensuring their children will not miss out on educational opportunities due to their geographical isolation.  We are also fortunate to have many members who are Friends of ICPA Qld - these include boarding schools, schools and other organisations or interested parties who look to support rural and remote education across Qld.  

ICPA was formed in 1971 by a group of parents from around Bourke, NSW, who were desperate to gain some assistance to allow their children to access boarding schools following the threatened closure of the boarding hostel in Bourke. The association grew rapidly as it was seen as a means of addressing an urgent problem in harsh and depressing rural economic times.  ICPA became, and remains, a highly effective rural based educational lobby group across Australia.    This is due to a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of members but primarily because we have always refrained from asking for assistance or programs which cannot be justified in terms of fairness and equity for all concerned. We do not want a better deal for our children than our urban counterparts, only access to quality educational services equivalent to those available in major cities and towns.

ICPA remains the only parent group with interests in all sections and levels of education, state schools, independent or church boarding schools, kindergarten to tertiary education and all methods used to facilitate access to that education. 

ICPA Qld’s policies are formed through motions brought to the State Conference each year by branches from across the state.  State Conference provides a valuable forum whereby members convene to share their frustrations and celebrations, their experiences of educating their children and requests to improve equality to access of education for rural and remote families.  It also provides an opportunity for many Departmental representatives, Members of Parliament, Senators, boarding schools and other key organisations to hear issues from those that are on the ground experiencing them. 

ICPA Qld State Council is formed each year through an election at the AGM at our Annual State Conference.  Councillors represent many branches and phases of education across the state and work voluntarily to actively lobby the issues brought to light by motions brought to conference, as well as issues which are raised at branch level or through other avenues throughout the year.  State Council delegations and other costs are met through generous sponsorship, fundraising, donations and a small proportion of membership fees. 

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