Published: Monday, 15 January 2024
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The Department of Social Services (DSS) has recently made some policy changes in relation to AIC. In summary, these changes are:

  1. Changes to the lodgement deadline for AIC claims to 1 March in the year following that for which assistance is sought.

Previously, claims needed to be lodged by 31 December of the year for which assistance is sought.

Amending the deadline to 1 March in the following year provides more time for claimants who become aware of their potential eligibility for AIC late in the year to gather necessary accompanying documentation from the relevant school/education authority and/or treating medical professionals.

  1. Clarifying the intent to claim provision for AIC so that it operates in a consistent way with other social security payments in respect of claimants experiencing vulnerable circumstances.   

These changes will allow a customer experiencing pre-claim vulnerable circumstances additional time to complete their claim following an intent to claim contact with Services Australia. 

  1. Removal of the requirement for End of Year (EoY) review forms for customers who claim AIC after the second week in October.

Services Australia conducts a bulk mail-out of EoY review forms to all customers who have claimed AIC prior to the second week of October each year. 

This change means that for claims received after the second week of October, Services Australia will now be able to contact customers by phone to confirm their details, rather than needing to send out a manual form.    

Please note as the above is a summary only, customers should refer to the most recent version of the AIC Guidelines for further information.