ICPA-NSW advocates for equity in education for rural and remote children from early childhood to tertiary with a team of State Councilors working on the various issues under specialist portfolios. Learn more about the issues facing rural and remote students and what ICPA-NSW is doing to overcome the issues by choosing any of the portfolios below.

Young children in the mud


ICPA-NSW advocates for allowances that ensure rural and remote children can access education and are not disadvantaged by geographical isolation.

Children at boarding school

Boarding / Agricultural High Schools / Hostels

ICPA-NSW seeks to recognise the needs of geographically isolated students who must board away from home to access their education.

Child Using mobile phone in Outback


ICPA-NSW liaises with Telcos, Service Providers and Government to ensure better internet and telephone service to support access to education.

Children at school in outback

Distance Education / AHVISE

ICPA-NSW advocates to ensure the delivery of the best possible educational service to students who do not have daily face to face contact with their teacher.

Small child with headset on in helicopter.

Early Childhood

ICPA-NSW advocates for an appropriate range of early childhood services to be available to support children and families who live in rural and remote areas.

Adult adjusting child’s mask.

Health and Wellbeing

ICPA-NSW advocates to ensure the health and wellbeing of our rural and remote students of all ages, from early childhood to tertiary.

Rural School playground

Rural Schools

ICPA-NSW works to ensure the delivery of quality education to students in rural and remote schools including incentives to attract and retain teachers.

Children playing in the outback

Special Education

ICPA-NSW seeks adequate funding, facilities and support for rural and remote students who have a specific need.

Uni Students on laptops

Tertiary Education

ICPA-NSW advocates for students in rural and remote areas to have access to tertiary education that will enable them to pursue the career path of their choice.

Child getting on school bus


ICPA-NSW advocates for travel allowances and school bus runs to enable rural and remote students to access their education.