Lisa Southern

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News and Views Co-Editor
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Hello, Lisa Southern here.  As your Co-Editor of News & Views Magazine & following in the footsteps of the wonderful past Editors, I look forward to continuing to bring you all the latest information you require to provide an equitable education for your children.

I grew up in a family involved with ICPA with my mother being a Past President & Treasurer of the St George Branch.  Upon marriage & children I joined the Talwood ICPA Branch before transferring to St George Branch.  I have held a position on the executive of St George Branch for 12 years.  My husband Donald & I reside at Weengallon where we breed sheep & cattle & dabble in that elusive gamble called farming when the moisture allows. We have 2 sons & 2 grandsons.

ICPA has always been a part of my life & is a continual journey by all to provide the opportunity for an equitable education for our rural & remote children. As we celebrate our 50thyear, it is through the tireless efforts of many that we are able to say that ICPA truly is an iconic part of our Australian educational history.  ICPA - an Association I am proud to be a member of. #iamicpa