Manifesto for a better Children's Internet

Published: Thursday, 4 January 2024
childrens internet picture

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child are proud to announce that you can now access our Manifesto for a better Children’s Internet. 

The Children’s Internet is here, and we believe that a better Children’s Internet is possible. To achieve this, we need to change how digital products, services, and content are thought about, made available, designed, sold, regulated, and used to invite children to participate online.

In this manifesto—which is informed by two years of extensive research involving consultations, interviews with leading national and international experts, and mapping children’s digital products, services, and content—we outline six lenses that help us think about the Children’s Internet, namely: Access, Imaginaries, Entertainment, Education and Learning, Regulation, and Digital Participation.

This Manifesto is a call to action to create a better Children’s Internet. 

We provide 17 principles at the beginning of the document to provide clear guidance for industry, governments, parents, and researchers to take action on improving children’s internet experiences. This goal of a better Children’s Internet will not be realised unless there is broad agreement amongst adults that we need to do more to ensure that children have fun, productive, safe, diverse, and ethical internet experiences. We call on you to consider your role in shaping a better Children’s Internet. 

Help us spread the message that a better Children’s Internet is possible and please share the Manifesto among your networks. 

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child