Taroom - Wandoan

Welcome to the Taroom - Wandoan Branch!

The Taroom/Wandoan Branch was formed in November 1987. Our branch covers the districts around the townships of Taroom and Wandoan. We have two life members - Anita Lethbridge and Dianne Redman.

Our branch now only has 1 small one-teacher school in our area. We did have 3 but over time they have slowly been closed due to lack of numbers. We have a P-10 School in both Taroom and Wandoan.

The main concerns brought to the attention of our branch relate to support for rural teachers in areas such as professional development and equitable access for rural teachers to access conferences for new teaching techniques, along with teaching requirements in Kindergartens and the need to have ECT trained staff to obtain full state funding. Taroom Wandoan branch also have investigated the benefits of LOTE in the early years of schooling.

Many children in our area attend boarding school so issues relating to boarding are very relevant and important to members of our branch.

Branch Executive
picture of Anna wearing embroidered top

Anna Radel

President, Publicity Officer
picture of Naomi wearing white shirt

Naomi Golden

A member of our team

Deborah Graham

Branch Mentor
a picture of Anneli in a blue jacket

Anneli Day

Branch Mentor