Springsure - Rolleston

Welcome to Springsure - Rolleston Branch! 

The Springsure Branch was formed on 2 December 1989.  Penny Wallace who was the State Treasurer at the time, willingly assisted the founding executive to establish the branch.  The first executive members consisted of:

  • President – Jan Smith
  • Vice President – Sue McDonald
  • Secretary – Annie Bailey
  • Treasurer – Karen Nobbs
  • Publicity Officer – Jo Woodhouse

Over the years, Springsure Branch members agreed that it would be wise to amalgamate with the neighbouring Rolleston district.  This boosted member numbers and resulted in the branch being renamed the Springsure-Rolleston Branch.

Branch members have worked hard over the years to deal with the educational issues faced by members.  Some of the current issues within our Branch include connectivity, attracting educational staff to rural areas and the hurdles geographically isolated students are having to jump through in order to obtain an equitable education.  We have members with numerous reasons for joining ICPA and we welcome anyone who feels they require our help or can contribute to our cause! 



The annual membership fee for Springsure-Rolleston Branch is $55/family.


Members who have served on State Council:

  • Jo Woodhouse 1992 - 1993 
  • Sue McDonald 2003 - 2006 
  • Peggy Smith 2007 - 2008
  • Kim White 2009  
Branch Executive
picture of Rahcel wearing blue shirt and straw hat

Rachel Pierce

image of Trish wearing straw hat with her kids

Trish Gretton

Publicity Officer, Secretary
image of Rachel wearing glasses and a pink fascinator

Rachel Cogill

image of Trish with husband and son

Trish Nixon

Vice President
Branch Mentor
picture of Loretta wearing pink shirt

Loretta Goodwin

Branch Mentor