Capricornia BOTA (Branch of the Air)

Welcome to the Capricornia BOTA (Branch of the Air) Branch!

Capricornia BOTA held its inaugural meeting on 5th December 1995 with 14 members. One of the branch's original members, Mrs Heidi Flint, served on State Council in many roles for a number of years. Heidi retired from State Council in 2011. We also have a Life member, Leanne Fordyce who has been a wonderful fundraiser for our branch. Currently Mr Rob McArthur is a State Councillor.  

Our branch has members all from diverse geographical locations across Queensland. To overcome this diversity we hold our meetings via teleconference. Our dedicated members hail from many areas including Marlborough, Stanage, Moura, Morinish, Banana, St Lawrence, Augathella, Springsure, Bauhinia, Duaringa, Dingo, Dolphin Heads, Sarina and Ogmore. Our children are enrolled at small schools, Schools of Distance Ed, Boarding Schools, Ag Colleges and Universities across Queensland.

Through various fundraising initiatives, we are able to support our wider ICPA community, Clermont Sports Camp and the Capricornia School of Distance Education Year 6 Bursary. We are a sitting member on the CQ Carcase Classic committee making us a benefactor and will now allow us to look at other ways to support geographically isolated children. A major achievement for our branch was in 2011 when we hosted Qld State Conference with the Clarke Creek Branch at The Rockhampton Grammar School for ICPA's 40th year.

Our branch also finds unique ways to fundraise, the latest being a Garden Day and Ladies Lunch held at Mystery Park, home of the McArthur family, attended by a landscape designer and catered for by our branch. It was a wonderful way to showcase not only ICPA but to spend a day doing something different.

Branch Executive
picture of Bonni wearing a tan jumper

Bonita Geddes

A member of our team

Sonya Shelley

picture of Claire wearing grey ruffled blouse in grass background

Claire Mactaggart

picture of Trudy in green shirt and straw hat

Trudy Mace

Publicity Officer
Branch Mentor
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Kate Bradshaw

Branch Mentor