Mrs Daphne Rich OAM

picture of Daphne wearing a pink shirt
State Life Member
Branch Life Member

The first Life Membership of ICPA Qld was conferred on Daphne at Longreach in September 1977 as recognition of her contribution as State Secretary and additional duties as Treasurer and her membership of the Federal ICPA Council for seven years.  Daphne was a Blackall delegate at the first meeting in Charleville and at the first State Conference in Blackall in 1972 she because joint Secretary/Treasurer of Qld Council.  During this time, Daphne was also a member of the Federal Executive from 1972 - 1979.  Daphne relinquished the Secretary's position in Longreach in 1977, however she remained Treasurer until 1981, stepping down after 9 1/2 years.  

Bunny Powne MBE wrote these words for 'Pedals' in 1981: 

"Daphne built ICPA in Qld on solid foundations by conducting an operation in a definite and constructive manner with a minimum of procrastination.  In all her correspondence with people, inside and outside ICPA, she never lost the personal touch and each contact always carried a small thank you, a salutation or a word of cheer to carry on.  It was indeed a rare Conference that sat down to commence business that Daphne had not personally greeted every delegate and guest.  The new delegates were her particular concern and of prime importance with whom she quickly established a cordial and helpful working relationship.  

Daphne never told her President he was wrong, but took direct action by writing him notes which he quickly recognised as being the 'gospel' and on many occasions, saved face or averted a wrong decision being taken by Conference based on incorrect information.  Daphne read her Chairman implicitly and a delegate's name whispered at the crucial time soon won her Chairman a reputation for being a person that had the outstanding ability to remember the names of all delegates and guests at a Conference.

All isolated children in Australia are educationally richer for the dedication of Daphne during the last decade and ICPA acknowledges the contribution of Daphne and Fred Rich and their family towards the attainment of ICPA goals." 

During her time on ICPA Qld State Council, Daphne researched a number of issues to present cases for improved assistance, including the national inquiry into the preschooling of children in Australia and in 1975 to the Senate Standing Committee on Science, Education and the Arts.  As a result, national assistance for isolated children boarding allowances were implemented and the unique issues of geographically isolated children were highlighted.  Daphne also compiled a submission on the topic of the remote area travel allowance, and put forward an argument to the Board of the Longreach Pastoral College to allow female students to attend the college in 1977. 

In the 2020 Queen's Birthday honours, Daphne's commitment to rural and remote education and communities was recognised with an Order of Australia Medal.