Bit & Pieces Magazine

Bits & Pieces is the official newsletter of the Isolated Children's Parents' Association of the Western Australia.

The first ‘Bits and Pieces’ newsletter was sent out in 1973 by the then Secretary, Mrs Ruth Swann, to circulate the increasing amounts of information. Today the vibrant colour publication is posted to members twice a year.

The current Editor is Raelene Hall and is assisted by Publicity Officer, Jane Hughes.

The magazine includes interesting and informative articles and reports about many education related topics. Members and Branches are invited to submit other human interest articles to the magazine, which ensures that it is vibrant and relevant.

Articles can be forwarded to the Editor at any time


  • 1st April 2021 for May Edition
  • 1st October 2021 for November Edition

Don't wait for the next Deadline.  Send all your articles in NOW.   


Bits & Pieces Magazine - Volume 21 # 2 - November 2020