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Alice Springs Branch

The Alice Springs Branch was formed in 1979. After a staggered start the branch hosted the 11th Federal Conference in 1982. This was a motivating factor for the Branch and from this time it grew rapidly.

The Branch is a supportive group of people who are all interested in the improvement of outback education and facility access. Administration expenses aside, the money that is raised is used for travel and accommodation expenses for parents to attend conferences or to meet with relevant politicians or education department personnel. In addition, scholarships and bursaries are funded, and donations to isolated children's activities.



  • Alice Springs School of Air -$1500 for a member’s child leaving ASSOA (yr 6/ 7/8/9)
  • St Philip’s - $2000 (towards boarding) for a member’s child currently enrolled at St Philip’s College.
  • Secondary Grant - $2000 to member’s child in a secondary school, other than St Philip’s.
  • Senior and Junior Personal Development Grants - up to $1000 (for each age group) to a member’s child year to assist with the costs associated to attend an educationally based seminar, course or activity of their choice.

The Association is voluntary and no member or committee executive receives any payment for services.

Alice Springs Branch meetings are held approximately every 2-3 months via IDL or during an In-Town Gathering. If you are in town on a meeting date, you are quite welcome to attend in the School of the Air studio. At least one meeting each year is a face to face meeting, combined with a social function; this is usually the AGM late in the year.

At present we have a strong Alice Springs branch of the ICPA but would like to see many more active members. To function as it really should, we need the support and interest of all the isolated parents in our area.

All interested persons are invited to join the branch or association. Simply forward your membership fee along with your name and address to the branch by the link below.

Harts Range Races

Energetic cooks at Harts Range

Our hard working cooks at the Harts Range Races.

A message from our 2019 Harts Range canteen coordinator

Another Harts Range done and dusted for another year. 

The dedication of the volunteers was paramount and a great time was had by all.

Thank you to all those who worked tirelessly and especially the children who took it upon themselves and their mates.  We couldn't have done it without you kids. 

See you all next time.

Upcoming Events

ICPA NT 39th State Conference

March 1st & 2nd - Hosted by Alice Springs Branch

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Alice Springs Branch

Alice Springs Branch 2 Dec 2020

Attendees of the Alice Springs Branch AGM December 2020

Branch Executive
ICPA NT Alice Springs Branch President Lisa Kimlin

Lisa Kimlin

ICPA NT Alice Springs Branch Vice President Danyelle Haigh

Danyelle Haigh

Vice President
ICPA NT Alice Springs Branch Secretary, Candice Krebs

Candice Krebs

ICPA NT State Council Logo used as temporary image

Kelli McLaughlin

ICPA NT Alice Springs Branch Public Officer, Ley Kunoth

Ley Kunoth

Public Officer
ICPA NT Alice Springs Publicity Officer, Katy Hayes

Katy Hayes

Publicity Officer
ICPA NT Alice Springs Branch Grants Officer, Benjamin Quilliam

Benjamin Quilliam

Grants Officer
ICPA NT State Council Logo used as temporary image

Rebecca Zadow

ICPA NT Alice Springs Branch Councillor, Kiya Gill

Kiya Gill

ICPA NT State Council Logo used as temporary image

Mary Bayly

Branch Life Members
ICPA NT State Life Member, Janice Heaslip

Janice Heaslip

Life Member
ICPA NT Alice Springs Branch Life Member, Liz Bird

Liz Bird

Life Member