Pedals Contributions Required

Published: Wednesday, 15 June 2022
Pedals magazine looking for articles

New Pedals Editor - Hannah Calcino

The deadlines for each edition of Pedals come around very quickly.  Contributions from members and supporters of ICPA are always greatly appreciated and it is always wonderful to read articles from WA. 

We look forward to your contribution to the next issue of the magazine.


15th May 2022 for July 2022 issue
15th August 2022 for October 2022 issue
15th November 2022 for January 2023 issue
15th February 2023 for April 2023 issue

Pedals is feeling very unfilled with its numerous blank pages and would really appreciate some fabulous material to fill itself up with.

  • Federal conference experience
  • School year
  • Plans for gap year students
  • State news
  • Branch news
  • Member news
  • Any news
  • Book Reviews
  • Music Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • School/work/home experiences/funny stories
  • Achievements by all and any

Looking forward to an inbox bursting at the seams as soon as possible.

All material is welcome. 

If you have any queries about suitable articles please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call.

If sending photos with your articles could I please ask you to send them as high-resolution jpeg files with a caption for the photo and the names of people in it (if not too many) and the place if relevant.  Please ensure you have permission to share photos that are a) not yours or b) have other people's children in them.

If you could please send your articles as word documents with just basic formatting. Please include a title for your article (it may change but it helps me keep track of articles).

Again please feel free to contact me with any queries. You can email me

Looking forward to an overflowing inbox.


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