Conveyancing Allowance Increase

Published: Tuesday, 9 January 2024
Country road

State President, Jane Cunningham welcomed the news that families throughout WA will receive an increase to the Conveyance Allowance as of Term 1, 2024.  ICPA WA has been advocating for an increase to this allowance for many years.  

In 1988 ICPA WA made a submission to the Minister for Transport recommending the subsidy rate be increased from 9 cents per kilometre to 20 cents per kilometre; interestingly some 35 years later in 2023 the rate was only 25.24 cents per kilometre.

Where it is not possible to provide a dedicated bus service in rural and regional areas, School Bus Services offers a conveyance allowance to parents/carers to assist in costs associated with driving their children to and from school or a pickup location, subject to eligibility criteria.

The increase from 25.24 cents per kilometre to 55.6 cents per kilometre in 2024 will be a great help to families.

A full copy of the media release can be found using the link.