Walgett Branch celebrated their 40 year anniversary in 2011.The Branch was formed 23rd November, 1971 following a public meeting convened by Mrs Marion Ward.

The Meeting, addressed by Wally Mitchell the inaugural Federal President, attracted approximately 80 interested people from Walgett, Come-By-Chance, Pilliga, Collarenebri, Lightning Ridge, Cumborah, Carinda, Burren Junction and Rowena.

A Committee formed with the following executive:

President: Mrs Marion Ward (Come-By-Chance)

Secretary: Mrs Di Orman (Walgett)

Treasurer: Mr Edwin Evans (Carinda)

In those early years, Marion Ward was President from 1971 to 1981 representing our Branch at no less than 8 State and Federal Conferences. In recognition of her dedication to ICPA at the 1980 Federal Conference in Adelaide Marion was awarded a Federal ICPA Certificate of Appreciation by The Hon Wal Fife, the Federal Minister for Education.

Rory Treweeke became State President in 1975 at Bourke and Federal President 1978 in Roma. Uniquely Rory was honoured with Branch Life Membership in 1988. State Life Membership in 1989, Federal Life Membership in 1990. It is interesting to note he was Federal President for 6 years.

In recognition of his dedication and contribution to ICPA at the 1989 Federal Conference in Fremantle Rory was awarded a Federal ICPA Award of Merit by Mr Bob Baker Federal President.

Many people work quietly behind the scenes for the organisation and in 1997 Mr John and Mrs Jill Roughley were honoured with Branch Life Membership presented by President Sue Evans for their contribution to our Branch.

Margot Church’s contribution was recognised with Branch Life Membership presented by President Jane Friend.

We are an active Branch with a strong, enthusiastic membership base. Our members are willing to speak up and represent the Branch at State and Federal Conference to put forward Branch issues.

The Branch continues to maintain profile in the district with manning the Show Gate in May, the Rodeo Gate in August and usually have the opportunity to do some catering during the year.

Our annual popular ICPA Tennis Day which has been running since the early 80s has now been moved from the July holidays to September holidays. This has proved to be a great lead-up to the annual Walgett Long Weekend Tennis Competition with many younger players gaining the confidence to nominate.

Walgett Branch in conjunction with Walgett Special One Co-Operative offer a Tertiary Grant. Awarded annually and open to all school leavers whose family has been a Branch member for at last 2 years, preference is given to those in their first year of study, enrolled in a recognised Tertiary Course. Applicants are required to submit an essay ‘What Influence Has Living in a Rural Community had on your Aspirations for the Future’.

Walgett Branch has three times had the honour of hosting the State Conference:

In 1980 Convened by Marion Ward.

In 1986 Convened by Colleen Harvey.

In 2007 “Obstacles and Opportunities”, co-convened by Judy Newton and Cheryl Wilson.

Walgett has been represented on both State & Federal council by: -

  • Marion Ward – second State Secretary April 1973 – 1978, Federal Assistant Secretary 1973-1977, Federal Secretary 1977-1979.
  • Rory Treweeke – State President 1975-1983, Imm. Past President 1983-1985, Council 1986. Federal Council 1975-1988. Federal President 1978-1985. Imm Past President 1986-1988.
  • Joan Treweeke – State Vice President 1991 – 1994, Council 1990.
  • Merilyn Knight – State Publicity Officer 1981-1986. Federal Publicity Officer 1985-1987.
  • Colleen Harvey – State Council 1988 – 1991.
  • Mark Evans – State Council 1996.
  • Margot Church – State Vice President 2002-2004, Council 1996 -2004.
  • Judy Sinclair Newton – Federal Council 2009-2020, Federal Vice President 2010, Federal President 2011-2015, Immediate Past President 2016 – 2020.  Federal Membership Officer 2022 - 
  • Tracy Grant – NSW State Council 2013 – 2016, NSW State Vice President 2015
  • Jane O’Brien – Federal Council 2014 - Federal Membership Officer 2015 – 2022
  • Robin Beckwith – NSW State Councillor 2022 -, NSW State Vice President 2022 -

We are proud to have Judy Sinclair Newton as Federal Membership Officer and NSW State Vice President, Robin Beckwith.

We encourage and warmly welcome new members.

Life Members:

Mrs Marion Ward - 1980

Mr Rory Treweeke – 1988

Mr John and Mrs Jill Roughley - 1997

Mrs Margot Church – 2003

Mrs Judy Newton – 2013

Mrs Jane O’Brien - 2017

ICPA (Aust) Awards

Mrs Jane O'Brien - ICPA (Aust) Award of Merit - 26 July 2023

Judy Sinclair Newton - ICPA (Aust) Life Member - 26 July 2023

Branch Executive
A member of our team

Karen Ricardo

Vice President

Robin Beckwith

Vice President
A member of our team

Phillipa Beckwith

A member of our team

Cath Deshon

A member of our team

Lara Hawke

Publicity Officer
Branch Life Member
Marion Ward

Mrs Marion Ward

Life Member