The inaugural meeting of Monaro Branch took place in Cooma on 11th December 1971 as a result of preliminary meetings called in small townships of the Monaro by the Reid and Campbell families. Those first years were extremely busy and wonderfully productive. During the 80s and early 90s enthusiasm waned. Momentum built up again in organising a very successful Melbourne Cup Luncheon in 1996 which gave impetus and a firm financial base for Monaro Branch to host the memorable 25th Annual State Conference in Thredbo in 1997.

Since then we have maintained a healthy membership with 31 families representing the small townships of earlier years. We still battle droughts, fires, isolation and government bureaucracy but fortunately we have our wonderful ICPA to fight with and for us for equal access to education.

Mr Bill Stephens and Mrs Yvonne Campbell are Life Members of Monaro branch. Bill served on State Council retiring from his Tertiary Education portfolio in 2001.

Branch Life Members Mr Bill Stephens Mrs Yvonne Campbell 
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