2023 — 51st Annual ICPA-NSW State Conference held in Moree

ICPA-NSW President’s Report 

President’s Report was presented to Conference by Tanya Mitchell.

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ICPA-NSW Portfolio Reports

Portfolio Reports as presented to Conference held in Moree, 22 / 23 March 2023.

Follow link below to each portfolio.


Boarding Schools/Agricultural High Schools & Hostels


Distance Education

Early Childhood

Health & Wellbeing

Rural Schools




ICPA-NSW 2023 Conference Motions

➡️      2023 Conference Motions

➡️      Supplementary Motions


ICPA-NSW AGM Minutes 2023

2023 AGM Minutes will be uploaded once they become available.

➡️    AGM Reports

➡️    AGM Minutes


ICPA-NSW 2023 Conference Minutes

➡️   2023 Conference Minutes 


Conference Photos

Thanks to Jesse McDonald