2019 ICPA-NSW Submissions

Inquiry into measurement and outcome-based funding in New South Wales schools NSW Legislative Council’s Portfolio Committee No 3 – Education August 2019

It is well documented families educating children in geographical isolation are disadvantaged.

If outcomes determine funding, how is it possible to compare outcomes of vastly differing schools for example, a school in eastern/northern suburbs of Sydney with a remote school? The schools obviously would be needing to target different outcomes. The supports and pastoral care would need to be different.

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Parliamentary Inquiry Support for Drought Affected Communities
NSW Legislative Assembly Standing Committee on Investment, Industry and Regional Development November 2019

With the continuing drought, families have had to keep their children home to complete the beginning of their high school years via Distance Education instead of going to boarding school. Due to both parents being required out in the paddock at all sorts of times or working off farm to earn extra income, there is an ongoing need for isolated children to have the supervision and support of an In Home Carer.

Children aged between 12 and 15 still require some supervision, especially if at home alone in a remote location. The extension of Child Care Subsidy for In Home Care to this age group would enable parents to continue working on the farm or off farm (away from the house) without disruption to the child.

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