Sue Shotton

Nikki Macqueen and Sue Shotton
Federal Life Member
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Federal Council

Committee                       2008 – 2009, 2012 – 2014

Vice President                 2009 – 2010

Treasurer                         2010 – 2012

ICPA Web Manager        2012 – 2023

ICPA Awards

2018            Presented with ICPA Australia Award of Merit - 2 August
2021            Presented with ICPA Australia Life Membership - 3 November

Since retiring from Federal Council in 2014, Sue Shotton has been instrumental in the establishment of two ICPA websites starting both from scratch, assisting with the development of an online membership system beginning in 2017, database upkeep, as well as the maintenance of the ICPA website by assisting both Federal and State Councils to ensure that up to date information was available and current at all times.  In addition to her website role, Sue also supports ICPA (Aust) by attending the Federal Conference as the AV assistant, set up AV assistance for presentations, motions and portfolio reports and assist the AV person at the conference with the numerous PowerPoint presentations, slides, videos and other technological wonders that helps make Federal Conference more engaging.

Sue not only assists with all aspects of the website, she also establishes and maintains email addresses and mailboxes, organises hosting and diverts emails to ensure that the correct ICPA email gets to the right person.  This is an onerous task and one that has to be done correctly, every time.  There are many email addresses between all of the Federal and State Councils and Sue has the responsibility of making sure each email, of which there would be hundreds daily, is delivered into the correct mailbox. 

At the 2019 Federal Conference in Adelaide, Sue presented Federal Council with the news that our former website hosting company Clear Pixel no longer wished to continue with the ICPA website as the content editing program they used called Breeze had become obsolete.  Due to the complex nature of our structure of 7 websites within 1 site, extremely large database and an online payment system that was going to take a lot of mapping, not just anyone could do the job.  To say that this news left us despondent is an understatement.  Federal Council knew how much work had gone into setting up the first and second website and to tackle that again was disheartening.

In true Sue style as our Webmanager she took the job of investigating a new website developer on with gusto and after discussions with Federal Council she began researching into who we could entrust with such a task.  Many hours of pouring through suggestions, phone calls, emails, zoom meetings (being stood up and those businesses who were completely underprepared), budgets and liaising with Federal and State ICPA as to wish lists.  We began the process at the end of 2019 and it all came to fruition in May 2021 and not a day in between did not have a website thought or process in it.

Sue narrowed her list down and presented prospective website companies to Federal and State ICPA Councils at the beginning of March 2020, as COVID hit.  In an organisation of volunteers who have businesses and families to maintain, with children to educate along with ICPA demands, as the world was flipped on its head, the timing was not ideal.  Sue had her work cut out and after much deliberation and pouring over Project Briefs, the company Enrega was appointed as our web developer using  the source management system Drupal. 

Sue, this Federal Life Membership is in part because this project would not have even begun without your expertise. You and Mark have had numerous meetings to discuss “back-of-house” technicalities and your in depth knowledge and understanding has enabled this process to happen smoothly. Without your expertise and willingness to unselfishly devote so many hours to ICPA, with the support of your husband Pete, ensures our organisation maintains a digital presence.  ICPA State and Federal Councils would not be in the favourable position that we are currently in with a state of the art, cohesive website for our members to enjoy for many years to come.