Territory Wide

On the 30th March, 2021, the members of the NT Lone Branch voted to change the name of the branch to Territory Wide, to better reflect the members of the branch and to be more inclusive for members across the Northern Territory who may be part of small rural schools, senior distance education schools, and those receiving a tertiary education.

The NT Lone Members are a group of people who wish to be informed on ICPA issues, but do not wish to belong to a 'branch' as such. People who live anywhere can be an NT Lone Member. The Lone Members do not hold meetings, but they do hold 2 votes at State Conferences.

State Council covers Lone Member delegates costs, to conferences - travel, accommodation and registration, but it must be approved by council beforehand.

If you would like to join the Lone Members and receive regular publications from State Council - "Down the Track" (3 times a year), and Federal Council "Pedals" (1/4 ly), then please contact: Moira Lanzarin. Membership is $50 annually.

Branch Mentor
ICPA NT Treasurer Moira Lanzarin

Moira Lanzarin

Branch Mentor
Branch Life Member
ICPA NT State Life Member, Del Harlan

Del Harlan

Life Member