Julia Materne

Julia Materne
Certificate of Appreciation

Federal Council

Committee                                     17 July 1986 – 31 July 1987

Assistant Secretary                        31 July 1987 – 27 July 1989

Secretary                                        27 July 1989 - 29 July 1993

Vice President                                29 July 1993 – 31 July 1997

Committee                                      31 July 1997 – 30 July 1998

Vice President                                30 July 1998 – 04 Aug 2000


Federal Archivist                            1995 – present day                       


SA State Council

State Secretary                              1984 – 1988


North West Branch

Inaugural President                       1983


ICPA Awards

                                                       SA State Life Membership

2002                                               Federal Award of Merit

2003                                               Federal Life Membership, 1 August

2020                                               Federal Certificate of Appreciation, 5 August


Other Distinctions

  • Joined Port Augusta branch                                 1978
  • Inaugural President North West branch               1983

About Julia Materne

ICPA Federal Life Membership was presented to Mrs Julia Materne at the 2003 Federal Conference in Hobart in recognition of her many years of voluntary contribution to ICPA.

Julia's involvement with ICPA began when she joined the Port Augusta Branch, South Australia in 1977. She was the inaugural President of the North West Branch in 1983, and a year after being elected to the South Australia State Council in 1984 she became State Secretary. Julia's considerable ability has always been appreciated - one year after being elected to Federal Council in 1986, Julia became the Federal Assistant Secretary whilst still holding the position of State Secretary. She maintained these two positions for two years, and then became Federal Secretary in 1989. Julia remained as Federal Secretary for four years and was meanwhile honoured by South Australia when she was awarded Life Membership.

After finishing her four-year term as Federal Secretary, Julia was elected in 1993 as Federal Vice President - a position that she held for another four years. In 1997, Julia considered retirement but was persuaded to remain. Having been a committee member for a year, in 1998 Julia was again elected to the position of Vice-President. In 1995, Julia became the Federal Council Archivist, and hopes to be able to continue in this job.

All would agree that Julia has made a wonderful contribution to ICPA. Members of Federal Council will sorely miss Julia's input - her calm manner and well-considered opinions are highly valued by us all.