Judy Newton

Judy Newton
Federal Life Member

ICPA Awards

2023            Presented with Walgett Branch - Branch Life Membership

About Judy Newton

In 2009 in Longreach Queensland, Federal Council with thanks in part to Jack Beach, welcomed Judy Newton as a Councillor. This proved to be the start of 10 very productive years on Council during which Judy’s invaluable contribution to ICPA Federal Council and the organisation as a whole would be an enduring legacy.

In 2010, during the Federal Conference in Perth, Judy stepped up to the Vice-President position, followed by the President position at Federal Conference in Darwin in 2011.

Judy moved from a councillor who was a little unsure of her abilities and very reticent to put herself out there, especially in terms of public speaking, to the Judy who has dedicated her time, expertise and enthusiasm to represent ICPA at a national level so passionately over more than a decade.

In addition to her president and vice president roles, Judy led the rural schools and curriculum portfolios at varying points, was an active member of others, always willing and very generous in offering her time and knowledge to support others outside of her portfolios, especially encouraging and mentoring new councillors. Judy was also the ICPA representative on ACARA and NRHA and has been the Federal Council conference liaison working with Federal Conference conveners.

During Judy's time on Federal Council there were many achievements made, many of which she most certainly had input into ensuring they came to fruition including the live streaming of the launch of nbn's long term satellite "Sky Muster" in 2015. Judy was progressive as a president and not afraid to make changes that would benefit Council and ICPA Australia.

During her time on federal council, the ICPA website saw a massive overhaul along with major constitutional changes. Always thinking of others, Judy introduced the annual joint state and federal council meetings, a wonderful initiative.

Judy was Federal President during devastating droughts and rural adversity however, despite these adversities and personal challenges Judy led by example with grace and humility always keeping members issues at the forefront.

Judy's welcoming demeanour, and generous nature towards new and current councillors during her 4 years as President saw her lead a cohesive and formidable group, meticulously planned and executed delegations which ensured an enduring respect for ICPA Aust and all the organisation stands for and a dedication to creating equitable opportunities.

Judy's dedication to ICPA continued when she stepped into the role of Convenor of the 2020 Federal Conference. This conference, as a result of COVID-19, became the first online conference, a challenging task, in which her guiding and supporting hand was welcomed and appreciated.

More recently, in 2022 Judy assumed the role of Federal Membership Officer. This position was created under her auspices during her time as Federal President and it has given her enormous pleasure to once again be working with Federal and State councillors and more importantly for Judy, the members.

For her incredible and inspiring leadership, professional approach towards the organisation, her commitment, patience, generosity of time, encouragement, knowledge, guidance, dedication, passion, honesty, support, positivity and for all Judy has and still gives unconditionally to the Isolated Children's Parents' Association, and how proud I feel to have the opportunity to present this award before I stand down as Federal President, it is with great pleasure that I present the award of Federal Life Membership to Judy Newton.

26 July, 2023