Jane O Brien

Jane OBrien
Award of Merit

ICPA Awards

2017           Presented with Walgett, NSW - Branch Life Membership

About Jane O'Brien

Jane is our former and our first ICPA Federal Membership Officer and she stood down from the role last year. Jane is an exceptional individual who made remarkable strides during her tenure on the Federal Council. Jane won’t like me saying all of this, because above all else, Jane is quite humble, doesn’t think what she does is any different than anyone else and she doesn’t like to stand out.  Well, I’ve got news for her- Jane, you are more special than you think and you do stand out, for all the right reasons- your commitment to ICPA and especially your commitment to the membership area of the organization shines quite brightly.

After joining Federal Council in 2014 at the Tasmania conference, she served diligently until 2022. Jane’s passion for training saw her lead the Federal Training portfolio for many years, advocating for access to effective and equitable training programs and opportunities for rural and remote students.

What has set Jane apart from many, was that she was instrumental in notable transformations to the membership model, significantly alleviating the burden on Branch, State and Federal Treasurers and ushering in a wave of change in the organisation. Jane worked with Federal Council and then Federal Treasurer, Anita Dennis, to create the role of a Federal Membership Officer, of which Jane became the first to hold the position. Jane was at the forefront of developing online membership and she tackled the challenges and imposts we faced as she received the first online membership payments, paving the way for continued growth and development across the ICPA membership model.

Jane's selfless nature knows no bounds. She has gone above and beyond by consistently lending her time and expertise to train and support countless new treasurers and membership officers, assisting them to manage ICPA memberships across Australia. Jane worked tirelessly to try to ensure the transition to our organisation’s new online membership would be as smooth as practically possible and she put in countless hours offering information sessions and discussions with state treasurers and branch treasurers to try to ensure that everyone felt comfortable moving forward with this big new step for ICPA.  In her 9 years on Federal Council Jane was a valuable and respected member, combining the Membership Officer role with the role of a Councillor and providing sensible, steady support and guidance to three Presidents and the whole Federal Council team.

Jane has had an incredible impact on ICPA and made history as the first-ever Federal Membership Officer — this major achievement is only one example of how Jane's unwavering dedication and vision have made a lasting impact.

Jane is also very good at “smelling a rat”- and I think that might have been a tiny part of why she found another pressing place to be today and wasn’t able to join us.

With that said…..

In recognition of her contribution, support and work performed for ICPA, I take great pleasure today in presenting Jane O’Brien with an ICPA Australia Certificate of Merit.

Congratulations Jane!