Federal Policies

Our policies are based on arising member issues and relate to the educational needs of rural and remote children.  ICPA (Aust) policy objectives are reviewed regularly. 

The updated Federal Policy document was voted upon and carried at the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 4 November during the ICPA (Aust) 2021 Conference held in Longreach, Queensland.

ICPA (Aust) Federal Policy Updated November 2021

Individual portfolio Policy documents are below and can be found in each individual portfolio from the Portfolio tab on the ICPA website.

Federal Boarding/Hostels/Second Home Policy

Federal Communications Policy

Federal Curriculum Policy

Federal Distance Education Policy

Federal Early Childhood Education & Care Policy

Federal Education Allowances Policy

Federal ICPA Social Media Policy

Federal Rural and Remote Schools Policy

Federal School Travel Policy

Federal Specific Education Needs Policy

Federal Tertiary Education Policy

Federal Training Policy