Carolyn Burns

Branch Life Member

Founding member 1981

President 1981 - 1986

Vice President 1992 - 1994

Publicity Officer 1987 and 1988

Secretary 1998 and 1999

Carolyn remains a member of the branch to date.

Carolyn’s involvement in ICPA began in 1981 when she suggested to her close friends Gwen Walton and Kath James to form the Hyden Branch.  Carolyn was the first Branch President with Gwen as Secretary and Kath as Treasurer. 

Without Carolyn’s passion and initiative this branch would not be where we are today and shows us all what an amazing achievement her dedication to ICPA has achieved that we continue to remain as one of the largest branches in WA.  Carolyn continues today as an active member of the branch attending branch meetings and fundraisers.