Down the Track Newsletter

Down the Track Newsletter | Edition 89 | December 2021

As our LARGEST edition ever with 40 pages this is also our last edition before we hit the big 9-0!

Take a look through this edition to stock up on all the incredible work that is going on by our tireless ICPA NT State Council and Branch Members.

You will find:

  • Recognition of some of our unsung heroes
  • Calls for YOUR voice as we continue to advocate for you and your children
  • A goodbye to a much loved Territory pioneer and family member of one of our own
  • Networking events that continue to raise the profile of ICPA NT in the community
  • Celebrations of love, and winners and grinners
  • Gratitude and moments of ICPA NT's voice being heard, and
  • An invitation to join us on the 9th of March 2022 as we come together for the 40th Annual ICPA NT State Conference! One NOT to be missed!! 


Jump on in and take a look - and as always, if you would like to share something in our next edition, please send it in! 

Deadline for advertising and editorial submission for the next edition is 14 March 2022.




Down the Track is the official newsletter of the Isolated Children's Parents' Association of the Northern Territory.

It is published on a regular basis throughout the year with many interesting stories on what is happening within the Northern Territory.

These articles are provided by members for the benefit and enjoyment of other members.  Tales of acheivement, endeavour, education and life in the most remote parts of Australia, as well as the less remote areas.

Keep an eye on the important dates on our homepage for the upcoming deadline for material.

Annika Bell is the editor and she would like all material to be emailed to her at       

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Down the Track Newsletter #89 December 2021