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The Australian Boarding Schools Association

The Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) supports and assists Boarding Schools in Australia to ensure they provide exceptional boarding environments which nurture the wellbeing and welfare of their boarders. ABSA facilitates professional development for staff to foster excellent practice among boarding schools to ensure they provide first-class facilities for our boarding students. 

Federal and all State ICPA Councils work closely with ABSA to achieve our united goal of achieving positive boarding experiences for geographically isolated students.

Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA)

Dolly's Dream

Dolly’s Dream was established with the vision to address the impacts of bullying on young people, including cyber bullying, by developing initiatives and programs to increase understanding of the effect of bullying along with anxiety, depression, and youth suicide and by providing support to students and their parents to address these topics. 

ICPA (Aust) has worked closely with Dolly's Dream and encourages members to engage with their resources. 

Dolly's Dream

Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) Application Survey

In March 2018 a survey was commissioned by ICPA (Aust) to identify the key issues experienced by rural and remote applicants of Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC).

A total of 331 responses and hundreds of comments were received. Numerous calls and messages from members who were seeking assistance with their renewal and application and had done so in the past, came in also.

Federal Council produced a synopsis of this most useful survey and the results from the survey were shared with the Department of Human Services, current Federal Human Services Minister and Shadow Human Services Minister.

Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) Application Survey

Boarding School Access Research for Geographically Isolated Students

In April 2016 a survey was commissioned by the Federal Council of ICPA to determine and examine the key factors that impact rural and remote families who do not have daily access to face to face secondary schooling.

The aim of the survey was to provide evidence from rural families highlighting the need for a substantial increase in the current rate of financial assistance for the families of 4572 students living in rural Australia who currently receive the AIC Basic Boarding Allowance.

Boarding School Access Research for Geographically Isolated Students


The Australian Boarder Parent Handbook

ICPA proudly endorses The Australian Boarder Parent Handbook. 

This book is essential for all those new to boarding as it covers everything that you could imagine that will crop up throughout this journey. 

Author Dr Kate Hadwen has donated 100% of the books proceeds to ICPA and we thank Dr Hadwen for her generosity and support of our organisation. 

To order please follow this link.