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Qantas Discounted Resident’s fares

Qantas’ discounted fares program is available to provide residents of selected regional cities in Queensland, Western Australia and Northern Territory with access to more affordable air travel.

Qantas Discounted fares for residents


The Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) program is an initiative of the federal government providing to partially offset the cost of travel and accommodation for school students visits to Canberra for onsite learning about national democratic, historical and cultural institutions and funds are allocated per student based on a school’s distance from Canberra.

Parliament and Civics Education Rebate

Increase of PACER rebate announced February 2021

PACER Rebate Increase - 2021

The National School Chaplaincy Program

The National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) supports student and school community wellbeing in over 3000 school communities.

National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP)

Little Ripples

Things you say to children can have a ripple effect that influences the way they see themselves and their future.

That’s why the National Careers Institute (NCI) has teamed up with the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) to develop ‘Little Ripples’, providing parents and carers with a series of fun activities and games they can use at home to start a positive conversation with their children.

Little Ripples is about helping to broaden children’s aspirations, address gender biases, open doors and show children the vast range of possibilities open to them.

Research suggests that children are already starting to make subconscious decisions about their future and opportunities from as young as seven. This is why it’s important to start creating the right Little Ripples early, helping to shape children’s future happiness, lives and careers.

For more information on Little Ripples, or to download the Little Ripples toolkit, visit