Mrs Jane Gloster

Jane Gloster
Federal Life Member

Federal Council

Committee                        2007 - 2008

Secretary                          2008 - 2012

Assistant Secretary          2012 - 2013

Vice President                  2013 - 2014



ICPA Awards

2015           Presented with ICPA  Australia Life Membership 30 July

                   Presented with ICPA SA Life Membership


About Mrs Jane Gloster

When focusing on an organisation's future it essential to recognise the very special people who not only dedicate their time to the organisation but go well beyond what members consider the norm, to maintain the image as a progressive, professional and well presided Association. 

Jane came onto Federal Council at the Adelaide SA Federal Conference in 2007. Jane nominated for and was elected. Secretary in 2008, serving a four-year term, which concluded in 2012. At the 2012 Federal Conference held in Griffith NSW, Jane nominated for, and was elected. Assistant Secretary and served one year. At the 2013 Federal Conference held in Glenelg SA Jane was elected Vice President until she retired from council at the Launceston TAS conference in 2014.

While Jane's longevity is to be taken into consideration for the nomination of Federal Life Membership it is her commitment to council, the high standards she set and her willingness to support and guide fellow councillors over this time, that should be acknowledged.

In Jane's role as Secretary, she undertook to update and reformat many council documents. Jane is known for her proofing abilities and set a high standard for all documents written in the name of ICPA Aust.

Jane's willingness to support and mentor other councillors was valued by all who worked with her. This often meant, at times, taking on a huge workload, nevertheless that didn't impact on the importance she placed on getting work done on time. Her knowledge and interest in all ICPA issues meant she was able to write, speak or suggest the best plan of action in all portfolios matters.

Her knowledge and love for politics was shared with all and she was therefore often well placed to act on or react to issues as they came up. While the historical aspect of ICPA was extremely important to Jane, she also recognised the need for change to ensure the organisation remained relevant and valued by members.