Federal Specific Education Needs Reports presented to Federal Conference

After every ICPA (Aust) Federal Conference, the carried motions from that Conference are actioned by Federal Council. These motions form the basis of Council’s advocacy with the Federal Government and relevant stakeholders.  

The Portfolio Reports outline the actions and developments of these motions within a portfolio and are updated annually and presented to delegates and guests at the relevant ICPA (Aust) Federal Conference.

2021 Federal Specific Education Needs Report 

Presented by Briony Sinclair at the 2021 conference held in Longreach on 28 and 29 August.

2021 Federal Specific Education Needs Report

2020 Federal Specific Education Needs Report

Presented by Briony Sinclair at the 2020 online web conference held on 5 and 6 August.

2020 Federal Specific Education Needs Report 

2019 Federal Specific Education Needs Report

Presented by Sally Sullivan at the 2019 conference held in Adelaide on 31 July and 1 August.

2019 Federal Specific Education Needs Report