ICPA in Tasmania History

In 1984 a group of interested parents met, had the inaugural meeting to formed the Glamorgan Branch, which was officially formed, office bearers appointed in 1985. Glamorgan Branch was initially under the administration of NSW State Council.

In March 1987 two branch members attended the NSW State Conference in Wentworth to gain further knowledge of the management and happenings of State Councils and branches and attendance at the Federal Conference later in 1987 confirmed the need for the formation of a State Council in Tasmania. 

An interim general meeting was held in November 1987 and an interim State Council was formed, constitution adopted and the formal State Council eventually formed on 11 October 1989.  

Branches formed:

  • Bothwell/Oatlands in April 1988.  
  • King Island – Branch in September 1988 
  • Bothwell and Oatlands split into two branches in September 1991.
  • Bothwell changed its name to Central Highlands.
  • Oatlands changed its name to Midlands.
  • Central Highlands and Midlands merged and remained called Midlands. 
  • Lones

In 2020, Tasmanian State Council dissolved and Midlands, Lones and East Coast branches merged to become TASMANIA branch. 

Tasmania State Council has hosted three Federal Conferences:

  • 2003 in Hobart
  • 2008 in Hobart
  • 2014 in Launceston.

The inaugural state conference was held in 2012.

State Conferences

  • 2012 - Oatlands hosted by Midlands Branch
  • 2013 - Swansea hosted by East Coast Branch
  • 2015 - Ross hosted by Midlands Branch.  
  • 2017 - Swansea hosted by East Coast Branch (State Networking Forum)