Meet your new 2023 SA State Council

Published: Friday, 31 March 2023
2023 SA ICPA State Council Members

2023 SA ICPA State Council has both familiar faces and new Councillors to welcome

Our AGM was held on 23rd March 2023 and we'd like to introduce you to your new 2023 SA ICPA State Council

President: Belinda Hatcher

Vice President: Kirsty Williams

Secretary: Hollie Williams

Treasurer: Jodie Keogh

Publicity Officer: Ellen Litchfield

Lone Member Officer: Helen Williams

Branch Delegates are

Flinders Ranges: Michelle Hilder, Mija Reynolds

Marla Oodnadatta: Helen Williams, Dani Chapman

North East: Josephine Drennan, Kristina Crawford

North West: Candice Brown, Edwina Bowie

Port Augusta: Katrina Morris, Pamela Cuffe,

Eyre: Di Thomas, Steph Roske

Marree Air: Ellen Litchfield, Jessica Bell


We welcome the return of President Belinda Hatcher.  This is Belinda's second year as President and has previously held the SA State Secretary Role and Branch delegate roles so is very knowledgeable in all areas of ICPA.

We are thrilled to have Kirsty Williams joining the team as Vice President.  Kirsty has previously been on State Council and brings a depth of knowledge to our team.

Hollie Williams has again returned to the role of State Secretary.  Hollie is a valuable asset to our team and keeps all aspects of administration running smoothly and efficiently.

Jodie Keogh has taken over the Treasurer role and is enthusiastic regarding the new challenge.   

Ellen Litchfield has taken on the the Publicity Officer role.

The 2023 SA ICPA State Council represents both an experienced and fresh enthusiastic team.

Two members we would like to make special mention of stepping off State Council.  Jill Greenfield, Immediate Past President and Lisa Slade who held the previous Vice President role.  Council will miss their knowledge and skills, however we wish them well and know they will always be available for guidance and knowledge.

Photo of 2023 SA State Council - missing from photo is Belinda Hatcher, Ellen LitchfieldCandice Brown, Josephine Drennan, Kristina Crawford