Meet your new 2022 SA State Council

Published: Wednesday, 13 April 2022
2022 SA ICPA State Council

2022 SA ICPA State Council has both familiar faces and new Councillors to welcome

Our AGM was held on 1st April 2022 and we'd like to introduce you to your new 2022 SA ICPA State Council

President: Belinda Hatcher

Vice President: Lisa Slade

Secretary: Hollie Williams

Treasurer: Michelle Hilder

Publicity Officer: Helen Williams

Immediate Past President: Jill Greenfield

Lone Member Officer: Jodie Keogh

Branch Delegates are

Flinders Ranges: Linda Haydon, Belinda Hatcher

Marla Oodnadatta: Helen Williams, Louise Kohler

North East: Penny Rasheed

North West: Pamela Cuffe, Candice Brown

Port Augusta: Katrina Morris, Amanda Michael

Eyre: Di Thomas

Marree Air: Ellen Litchfield


We welcome President Belinda Hatcher.  Belinda has previously held the SA State Secretary Role and Branch delegate roles so is very knowledgeable in all areas of ICPA.

We are thrilled to have Lisa Slade continuing on as our Vice President.  Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge to our team and we appreciate her commitment to our State given she is also Federal Vice President.

Hollie Williams was officially welcomed into the role of Secretary.  After being elected as Assistant Secretary in 2021, she was thrown into the deep end as no secretary was elected.  She quickly found her feet (and into the unofficial role of Secretary) and has become and invaluable of State Council ever since.

Jill Greenfield is continuing on Council as Immediate Past President and is a highly valuable member of our team given her experience leading us for the last 3 years.

Michelle Hilder is continuing on as our very capable Treasurer and Helen Williams has taken on the Publicity Officer.

The 2022 SA ICPA State Council represents both an experienced and fresh enthusiastic team.