2020 Indulkuninna Foundation Bursary

Published: Tuesday, 6 July 2021

The Indulkaninna Foundation generously donated $10,000 to the SA ICPA, to support education initiatives for the disadvantated rural and remote students.

We were delighted to offer a range of bursaries to SA ICPA member students, which aimed to help with a range of costs associated with all levels of education.  Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Tertiary/Trade Bursaries were availalbe.  As well as specialised areas including Creative Arts and Primary Schooling SPELD SA Literacy Intervention Program.

Direction donations were made to Remote & Isolated Children's Exercies (RICE) and Port Augusta School of the Air.

Through a great response to the Indulkuninna Foundation Bursary, SA ICPA contributed an extra $300 to ensure all applications received a bursary.

The SA ICPA is extremely grateful to the Indulkuninna Foundation for making these bursaries possible for our members.