Published: Thursday, 18 March 2021
David Cameron

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David Cameron first joined the then Burren Junction Branch of ICPA in the late nineties, soon taking on branch secretary. He attended his first conference in Narrabri in 2000, but as the conference was convened by Burren Junction Branch he was kept busy transporting delegates and didn’t see much of the conference.  He then attended Armidale in 2001 and Bourke in 2003 as a branch delegate. It was at the conference in Hay in 2004 that David was elected to State Council, together with his partners in crime, and many good times, Michael Davis and Anne Milliken.

During David’s eleven years on State Council, he held the following positions:
Committee 2004 – 2005
Vice President 2005 – 2008
President 2008 – 2012
Immediate Past President 2012 – 2015

The portfolios he held during this time were allowances and travel, as well as serving as second for travel and tertiary. David was also the Country Area Program (or CAP) convenor (and served on the CAP Advisory Board) from 2011 to 2013, when changes to government policy saw the disappointing phasing out of this initiative.  Being president of ICPA-NSW meant that David had to have a working knowledge across all issues concerning ICPA, which was always apparent. He always gave 100% and was a skilful lobbyist. David also attended many federal conferences, both as a branch delegate and as an ICPA-NSW representative – often making the trip into a holiday with Joc.

David has always been passionate about obtaining access to an appropriate and equitable education for bush kids and spent many hours working on ICPA issues – occasionally ending with a win, but more often ending in frustration. He was always mindful of being true to the motions passed at conference when lobbying politicians and organisations on behalf of ICPA-NSW members.

One issue that followed David through most of his time on State Council was that of the Assistance for Isolated Children (the AIC) Statement of Support, and what came to be known as ‘bypassing’. Many of David’s conference reports, both as Allowances Convenor and as President focussed on this issue. Fortunately, expanded criteria and an improved application form were implemented before David retired from Council in 2015. The challenging process that led to the establishment of the NSW Centre for Effective Reading (CER) in 2010, also occurred under David’s watch.  

When David took over the Travel portfolio from Michel Davis at the Bourke Conference in 2012, the big issue was seatbelts on school buses. Even though Michael retired from State Council, he continued to represent ICPA-NSW during the advisory process. David was pleased to announce at the 2014 Narrabri Conference that, following 12 years of motions from Rankins Springs and other branches, seatbelts were to be phased in on dedicated regional and rural bus routes. The other issue that followed David all through his time on State Council was the outdated Private Vehicle Conveyance (PVC) Scheme.  The introduction of the new School Drive Subsidy (SDS), which replaced the PVC, took place after his retirement in 2016.

Over the many years of his involvement with ICPA, David has been an invaluable source of knowledge for both his branch and State Council. His dedication and commitment were well-known and acknowledged by all who knew and served on Council with him. Ministers of Education and other politicians respected him and knew that the information he presented to them was well-researched and pertinent. A good team always has a good leader, and David was definitely one of these gems.

ICPA Hay Branch

Photo Credit: Sweet Spot Photography