Membership Musings

Published: Saturday, 17 July 2021
jane with friends

Membership Musings

As Federal Membership Officer, I find wherever I go I generally end up chatting with either current or past ICPA members.  One of the wonderful aspects of this position.  

Recently I caught up with Robyn Holcombe from Narrabri, former long term publicity officer of Walgett NSW Branch.  Rob and I reminisced for some time over past motions, wonderful ICPA events held for our children and long ICPA meetings.

I also had the pleasure of catching up with Rob Vievers and Carol Wilson of Westmar Inglestone QLD Branch with conversation centred around the upcoming Federal Conference in Longreach celebrating 50 years of ICPA.

What an event, so much planning, an amazing program, can’t wait!  Check it all out on our brand new website 50th Annual Federal Conference well worthwhile pouring a cuppa and taking the time to look around and absorb.

Registrations for Federal Conference are now closed and delegates are asked to log-in to the new database please and check and confirm their details.

Please follow these comprehensive simple instructions and if you experience any difficulties contact the ICPA Webmanager.
1. Go to and log in with your email.  If it comes up email unknown please email the ICPA Webmanager to investigate.
2. When prompted to change your password please follow the instructions.
3. Once your password is changed please click on the login icon top right hand side which will take you to your personal login page.
4. The first time you access this you are asked to confirm your contact details.  Please do this.
If a panel appears that says your membership has expired please email the ICPA Webmanager 
before you do anything else.
Whilst in your personal login page please click on additional person and add their details if you wish to have an additional person on your membership.  Once this is done you only need to do this in the future if you need to edit it.
Finally please click on the family details panel.  Your State Council requires this additional information to help with their lobbying and to ensure you receive up to date information.  This needs to be filled out each year.
If you have any difficulties at all, please contact the Federal Webmanager.

The AGM is held on Thursday, 29th July.   We have vacancies on our Council and if you would like to join our happy, productive group why not check out this video. ICPA FC 21 JOIN - YouTube

We are all just like you, fitting in ICPA around our lives and having the time of our lives.   I can quite honestly say Federal Council is an experience like no other.

Give it a go, you won’t be sorry you did.  Happy to talk to anyone about the experience.  

Keep safe and well, look after you and yours and please be in touch with any membership queries.

Jane O’Brien